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  • Single stranded molecule
  • Straight chain molecule
  • Length varies between 100-1000 nucleotide long.
  • Made in the nucleus in a process known as ‘Transcription (re-writing code)
  • Function is to carry copy of the gene the nucleus to the cytoplasm for protein synthesis.


  • Single stranded molecule
  • Look like a clover leaf
  • Shape maintained by intermolecular hydrogen bond.
  • At one end it is exposed to Bases known as ‘ANTICODON’
  • Anticodon on t-RNA complementary base pair with codon on         m-RNA
  • At the end it has an amino acid attachment site
  • When t- RNA attaches to amino acid it is known as t-RNA + amino acid activation complex.


    • This is a structural component of a ribosome
    • Manufactured in the nucleolus
    • 80’s ribose
    • The big part is ‘50s and the smaller part is 30s)

    The wall of the r-RNA is made of r-RNA + protein = ribosome


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