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  • Respiration happens only to provide energy.
  • There 2 kinds of respiration.

1. Aerobic respiration with oxygen.

2. Anaerobic respiration without oxygen.


I will be first talking about AREOBIC RESPIRATION


Aerobic respiration

  • Happens continuously.
  • Happens in all living things even in plant since they take energy from glucose.
    – Respiration happens in the mitochondria.
    -Plants also have mitochondria
    – majority of the aerobic respiration happens in the mitochondria
    – we use glucose and oxygen this enters the cell 2 products are made carbon dioxide and energy.
    – Energy can be used for anything.
    work equation for aerobic respiration

ENERGY from respiration is used for 4 things.
1- To join up molecules to make big substance. e.g amino acid builds for protein by using energy.
2- for movement, energy used for respiration is used to contract the muscle
3- in birds and mammals it produces heat and keep their body temperature to 37
4- plant use respiration to take sugar nitrate and a few other nutrience and build it up into amino acid and amino acids builds protein and protein can be used for lots things.


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