Exercise and Respiration

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When a person is exercising their heart beats faster and when your heart bets faster its pumps more blood this supplies more glucose and oxygen this is shown that the person exercising increases

– There BREATHING RATE. This is because there more aerobic respiration.


– INCREASE IN DEPTH BRETAHING so you can pump more blood to the muscles and therefore supply more glucose and oxygen.

In the muscles the person is exercising so there is high glucose and oxygen supply. In the muscle there are 2 chemicals glucose and glycogen.

There’s 2 ways the muscle can get its glucose 
1. Is by increase heart rate so more blood pumping glucose  around the body into the muscle.

2. Also supply of glucose in the muscle that stored as the substance called glycogen 

-Glycogen are lots of glucose joined up together and its stored in that big form

– but when the body starts exercising the glycogen gets broken down into individual glucose units and it gets involved in respiration.


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